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 Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~

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Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~ Empty
PostSubject: Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~   Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~ Icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 2:55 am

I jacked a bit of the begining from Bolt and Reika's past.


A small Australian Koolie pup wagged her tail happily as her owner, a young eight year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes and ivory colored skin, threw a stick over the fence. Kia began to run as fast as she can, knowing that she had just been weaned, but she knew the power her legs had. She pushed upward with her hinds and flew eight feet into the air and over the wire fence. Abby, her owner, gasped. "Kia!" She yelled as her dog jumped back over the fence. Abby neiled down and hugged her. "Are you okay?!" Abby cried out. Kia yipped and licked Abby's face. Kia then tensed and straightened up perfectly, hiding the stick under her bottom. Abby knew what was going on, so she stood up on her short legs and began to act like she had taught Kia this move. "Good girl!" Abby said, petting Kia on the head as her father passed. Her father, who wore a leather jacket over his jean clothes smiled. Kia accidentally lolled her tounge at the praise of her master, and Abby's father immediatly smacked Kia in the nose with the gun he had been carrying. Abby began to cry. "Daddy leave her alone!" She yelled out. Abby's father, also known as Smith, looked back at her and pointed the gun in her face, making Kia's hackles raise. "This mutt needs to be a tough hunting dog like-" "The legendary bear dog yeah yeah I know! Just because Mel is my cousin by marriage doesnt mean Kia has to be like Reika! Reika is a tiger striped akita dad, Kia is an Australian Koolie!" Abby yelled. Smith stared angrily at his daughter and raised a fist. Abby began to flinch, and Kia immediatly jumped to Abby's rescue and bit Smith hard in the head. "Leave her alone!" Kia yapped, knowing they couldnt understand her. Abby ran inside instinctively and locked the door after taking her father's keys and locking his car door. She dropped the keys on the table and began to stare out the window in horror as Smith got up ad gored Kia right in front of her. Kia growled and let go as Smith hit her in the softest spot on her head, right between the eyes. Kia passed out onto the floor and Smith grabbed her by the scruff. "You mangey mutt! Ill leave you outside in the dead of winter!" He growled at the half-dead pup, who didnt even respond with movement. Abby began to cry, thinking her first and only friend, due to the anger of her father, was lost. She grabbed the phone immediatly and called up child protective services, then her mother.

Smith took Kia into an alley way and threw her begind the snow-covered green dumpster he had found her in on his daughter's birthday. "This will teach that mutt to try and give me rabies!" He grumbled. "I hope you like thinking your not weaned again, then dieing of hunger you undergrown rabid wolf!" He said, shoving Kia into the smallest and most frozen feeling crack he could find. He then walked off and patted a wolf-dog in the head. "Why cant that arrogant pup be more like a dog like you?" He asked his old hunting dog as he walked back home. Reika growled at the man when he turned his back and sniffed in the trashcan, only to hear a slight whimper and whine. She jumped down and looked under the trashcan and saw a small hole, that was almost frozen over. She shoved the trashcan backwards and sniffed the hole with a growl and did what her anscestors did, pounded her paws on the ground and made the ice break. She pulled the pup out and sniffed her. "Poor thing!" She whispered, licking the pup's frostbitten ears. The pup whimpered and instinctivly started pushing at Reika's belly. Reika smiled and licked the pup again, pulling her close and sniffing at the red collar around her neck. She licked it then gasped as it turned light blue. "You poor thing! Dont worry, I will raise you as my own daughter and I promise I wont let anything hurt you." She said, checking the I.D. on the collar. "Kia huh.... Strange name, but alright." She said, doing a further investigation of the pup. She gasped and smiled. "I sense that you will soar through this like nothing happened." She said, spreading the pup's fur to find wings. She pulled the pup closer and began to make her warmer as she began to feed.

(Note: Reika the timber-wolf husky mix used to be owned by Smith who thought she was dead on a hunting trip)

anyways, hope you guys like it so far!
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Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~   Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~ Icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 3:03 am

Ooohh very good Reika.
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Kia's Hard Lived Past ~Prolouge~
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