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 Dawn ~Cat bio~

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PostSubject: Dawn ~Cat bio~   Dawn ~Cat bio~ Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 11:23 pm

Name: Dawn

Name Oragin: Dawn was named after her mother.

Age: Seven years

Gender: Female

Breed: Purebred Somali

Description - Physical: Dawn has long, silver fur that she grooms daily and small, white eagle wings. She is average size and slightly chubby and her small wings allow her to 'jump' long distances and hover before noiselessly landing. has blue eyes that reflect off of the sky. She has a black nose; long-ish claws that she sharpens on a regular basis; average sized, but sharp, teeth; black fur inside of her ears; slightly big paws; and a long tail with a black tip.

Dawn ~Cat bio~ Somali-cat-black-silver-female

Description - Personality: Dawn is very graceful and intelligent, and will only eat certain kinds of food. She lives mainly by hearing, but sometimes she relies on scent more. She is active during night, mainly to use the darkness as cover, but she sees better in darkness. If you get her mad she mutates into a tiger demon. She is playful, mischievous, and you can tell when shes planning something, because her eyes turn amber. If you do something to her, she will get revenge the most humiliating way possible. She loves trouble and can hardly stand still when shes alone, always planning a new scheme. However when someone else is with her she will act shy and cool to impress them. She loves impressing others and will always do a dare, no matter how bad the dare is. She isn't easily scared, and is almost not afraid of anything. She remembers most things that happens to her.

History (Optional): At a young age, Dawn has taken the responsibility of her birth tribe until the day she ran away, on the day she was supposed meet her arranged mate and become alpha of her tribe.

Extras: Dawn comes from a legendary demonic tiger tribe, and she mutates into a tiger demon when shes mad, but keeps her silver sheen. Her small wings turn black and get bigger, she gets black stripes and grows huge claws, her fangs nearly five times the size as before, and her eyes blood red. She also has a hard stomach and can eat almost anything.
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Dawn ~Cat bio~
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