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 ~Silver~~Rising Sun Pack~~Hunter~

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PostSubject: ~Silver~~Rising Sun Pack~~Hunter~   ~Silver~~Rising Sun Pack~~Hunter~ Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 10:23 pm

Name: Silver

Age: 12 human years

Gender: Male

Species: wolf

Breed: arctic wolf

Description - Physical:
~Silver~~Rising Sun Pack~~Hunter~ Shad_9_12

Description - Personality: Silver is a sly, arogant, brave and very stronge wolf he is very stubborn and has I very stronge will. He is not easely scared and likes to fight. He can be hot headed at times but he is generally a good wolf.

Pack: Rising Sun Pack

Pack Rank: Hunter

History (optional): He is the brother of Commet and like him is born to be a hunter. He tests his yunger brother and gave him the nickname Demon because o the fact that Commet can kill anything in an instent if mad anoff.

Extra: silver bat wings that he never shows for fear of his pack notesing.
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~Silver~~Rising Sun Pack~~Hunter~
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