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 Eclipse~~Red Oak pack Defender

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PostSubject: Eclipse~~Red Oak pack Defender   Eclipse~~Red Oak pack Defender Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 5:12 am

Name: Eclipse

Age: 2

Gender: male

Species: Grey wolf

Breed: -

Description - Physical: Dark grey fur near black - Average sized wolf - reasonably strong and quite fast

Description - Personality: Loving and protective but blunt and to the point. He will never back down from a fight and he consistently gets himself into one. He's quiet and slightly secretive which might not make him the most likeable of characters but his motives are always for the pack. He is referred to having a dark personality.

Pack: Red Oak Pack

Pack Rank: undecided

History (optional): Paddfoot’s older brother. After the collapse of his birth pack, he and a few others wandered the forests trying to find a new pack. They eventually came across to what is now known as the Rising Sun pack who took them in. After 6 months in the pack, Eclipse became well known to be a fearsome fighter and some avoided him due to his shadowy nature. After a while he became unhappy in the way the pack was run and he eventually became subservient to Reika instead of the alphas. He eventually accused the alpha female of being weak and unfit for her position and that sparked an internal riot leading to the fragmentation of the pack.

Extras: None
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Eclipse~~Red Oak pack Defender
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