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 Pheonix ~~ Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~

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Pheonix ~~  Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~ Empty
PostSubject: Pheonix ~~ Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~   Pheonix ~~  Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~ Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 3:51 am

Name: Pheonix

Age: 12 months

Gender: female

Species: wolf-dog

breed: brown wolf/german shepard mix

Description - Physical: she has a slender bild made to run fast she a light brown with a bit of white. She also has a long tail and has good hearing.
Pheonix ~~  Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~ Czech_wolfdog

Description - Personality: Kind, brave, fearce, good spirited, caring and stubborn

Pack: red oak pack.

Pack Rank: Worrior (I want to try somthing difrant then a scout)

History (optional):

Extras: She can talk to humans and awsome hearing. she has two small bird wings that are used to keep her steady well running. (brown with purple tips)
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Pheonix ~~ Red Oak Pack ~ Worrior ~~
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